Energy culture

The energy culture in a company is formed and driven by the energy policy defined by the management board on the one hand and by the sum of energy behaviour of employees on the other hand. As this involves a lot of individuals and factors it is not an easy task to evaluate the energy culture in a company and to develop a common understanding and a roadmap towards improvements. IMPAWATT can assist you in this matter by providing information and motivation material and guiding tools.

The project studied the energy culture in the company by using an online survey tool developed by the project experts. The survey tool has been thoroughly developed to understand the company culture from different perspectives. On the platform two types of survey tools are available: 1) self-evaluation of the Energy Manager (or the person responsible for the building) and 2) evaluation of the employee energy habits. Upon completion of the survey, the Energy Manager is able to see the results of his/her own evaluation and also the results of the employee survey. The Energy Manager is provided with several recommendations, based on different category scores, to enhance energy efficiency and improve processes.