In industrial and service sectors, energy efficiency investments are often not implemented due to a combination of factors and barriers faced by the actor involved. Even for enterprises that are subject to mandatory audits, the recommendations are often not implemented due to those factors and barriers.

The IMPAWATT project has identified and addressed these barriers. For this purpose the project aimed at creating a staff training and capacity building platform to enhance corporate policy towards energy efficiency, energy culture and sustainable supply-chain initiatives.


Different actors in a company as well as external energy consultants were targeted as users of the platform which has been developed as an online portal with a smart search engine for different resources/content/tools for capacity building and staff training material tailored to companies. The platform targets in priority the energy manager of the company but also external energy consultants it will provide useful material. The resources are available in several formats as for example webinars, factsheets, white label presentations, calculation tools, staff training games and an energy efficiency measures database. The platform also allows companies to exchange energy efficiency related experiences and to benchmark their energy efficiency. Finally, the platform gives access to the energy monitoring portal www.enerspot.com where companies can enter and follow their main energy consumption and effects of energy efficiency measures.

The Impawatt platform as well as the energy monitoring platform Energy Savings Account have been implemented in 6 European countries also taking into account the multi-lingual situation in the different countries. The Impawatt platform is running as independent national web portals by the six partner organization forming the consortium of the project:

The project has been funded by the Horizon 2020 programme and started in June 2018. The platform has been launched in September 2019. The project ended in March 2021.


The Impawatt platform has been tested in 6 countries, materials in 4 languages have been provided. In total 189 companies have tested and are still using the platform. The usefulness of the platform was evaluated by user surveys and assessment of energy efficiency improvements and energy savings and shifts towards more green company policies and due to the platform usage. 1449 employees could increase their skills in energy efficiency, 0.5 Gigawatthours energy could be saved during the project leading to an investment of 0.8 million Euro and 10 Gigawatthours energy will be saved in future and 5 Gigawatthours will be produced by renewable energy installations leading to 11 million Euros invested in energy efficiency measures planned beyond the project lifetime.