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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland responsible for Impawatt Finland

VTT has been involved in about 450 EU-funded research projects and is ranked among the leading European RTOs, VTT is committed to responsible collaboration for achieving the Europe 2020 goals by networking with Finnish and European actors in the global context. Within Horizon 2020, VTT aims at renewal of European industrial value chains and strengthening of dynamic ecosystems addressing Societal Challenges.

Energy efficiency projects, from supporting development of technologies to drawing tailored interdisciplinary measures and policies, are core activities in VTT. Energy as derivate of socio-cultural aspects is also a subject of VTT´s expertise. VTT is active in many H2020 and national projects, assessing innovative approach to link socio-cultural aspects to technologies and regulatory frameworks for boosting energy efficiency measures. During the past over 15 years VTT has carried out a high number of mainly commercial projects which have developed life cycle management in product industry. The key sectors have been energy and resource-intensive industries such as steel industry, cement and concrete industry, forest industry, insulation industry, and mineral industry. The projects have made sustainability and life cycle analyses and life cycle cost analyses and developed methods and tools for the environmental management. VTT has been responsible for the assessment of the overall environmental management of the Finnish sawn timber industry by developing systems for data collection, collecting data, analysing data, and making summaries and conclusions together with the industrial partners.

Actions in the IMPAWATT Project

VTT proudly contributes in IMPAWATT to generate extensive and exhaustive knowledge on energy culture and sustainable supply chain aspects. Thus, VTT is the natural leader of WP3 and WP4. VTT will also be involved in collecting energy efficiency best practices as preliminary material for developing the toolbox and in testing and (WP6) dissemination act ivies (WP7).

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